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Prospect of ACCA
Demand for Accountants:
Finance professionals are in demand across the world. Your skills, knowledge and professionalism will be sought by organizations of all sizes and not just by accounting firms. Any industry or sector you choose to work within will offer opportunities to progress your career. Accounting qualifications are synonymous with ambition and ability a sign that you are capable of succeeding in any chosen field. So it’s not surprising that finance professionals hold the top roles in a variety of different fields. The perfect job for you is out there. Want to know more? Check out our global job boards today. Visit:
Career progression:
As a profession, accountancy can offer you exciting and rewarding opportunities to further your career. You could progress to leadership, management or partnership positions. Keen to learn? You will be given many opportunities for professional development. ACCA members are supported throughout their career, with a programmer of continuing professional development designed to help you capitalize on your potential.
Career opportunities:
A job in accountancy can help you gain a high salary and a fast track to the top in your chosen field:
1. Chief Financial Officer
2. Director or Partner in accounting firm
3. Auditor General or influential position in government
4. Finance Entrepreneur or owner-manager of small business
5. Forensic Accountant
6. Finance Director in a multinational company
7. Senior Internal Auditor
8. Senior Executive
9. Business Advisor and many more.
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